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Version 2.80

Changes in version 2.80

  • Table added for GoodsDeliveries
  • Table added for GoodsReceipts
  • Table added for StorageLocations
  • Tables SalesOrders and SalesInvoices extended with column SalesOrderLineID, for the relationship between GoodsDeliveries – SalesOrders and SalesInvoices – SalesOrders
  • Tables PurchaseOrders and PurchaseInvoices extended with column PurchaseOrderLineID, for the relationship between GoodsReceipts – PurchaseOrders and PurchaseInvoices – PurchaseOrders
  • Table SalesInvoices is changed, the ordernumber is now imported from the lines instead of from the header
  • Table Items extended with column AverageCostprice
  • Table LeaveHours extended with columns LeaveHoursFirstDay and LeaveHoursLastDay
  • Table AbsenceHours extended with columns AbsenceHoursFirstDay and AbsenceHoursLastDay