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1.6 Companies

In the tab ‘Companies’ is a list of all companies where the Power BI Connector can import the data from. Only administrators can add or change companies. The users without administrator-rights just can read the list of companies, in order the find the companycode to use in Power BI.

Click on the button ‘+ Company’ to add a new company.

Enter the companycode and name of the company and check the users who can import the data from this company. The companycode is a self chosen number for the company, for example a customernumber or companynumber. This companycode will be used later on in Power BI to select the company.

Under the header ‘Connectors’ you have to check the option Exact Online and enter the Division of this Exact Online administration.

  • The Division can be found in Exact Online by clicking on the administration name in the upper left, and then click on ‘show all’.
  • Hover with the mouse cursor above the name of the company (do not click).
  • In the bottom bar of the browser the Division-code is shown.


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