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1.4 Dashboards

In the tab ‘Dashboards’ are all the available dashboards that can be installed.


Power BI Dashboards

The dashboards are an optional feature for the Power BI Connector with which you can start quickly with a ready-for-use dashboard. You don’t have to dive into the possibilities of Power BI first. A dashboard will be installed as Power BI App in your online Power BI Service. Currently the dashboards are just available in Dutch. To install a dashboard you wil need a Power BI Pro license.

For an explanation on the dashboards, read the concerning manuals:


Power BI Templates

We also offer Power BI Templates in our webshop. These are complete Power BI dashboard templates that you can download as a PBIT file, which you open in Power BI Desktop. You then have access to the entire dashboard, including the underlying datamodel. You can adjust and expand the dashboard as desired. It is an ideal way to get started quickly with Power BI.

Take a look at the available templates here.