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1.7 Account management

In the accountmenu in the upper right corner, you can manage the access to your useraccount on PowerBIConnector.nl. Click on the accountmenu and choose ‘Manage Account’.



The options in the profile settings are still in Dutch and will be translated to English soon.



In the Profile section the username and emailaddress of your account are shown. This can’t be changed here. To change the emailaddress the administrator of your company can add a new user.



In the Password section you can change your password.


Multifactor authentication

In the Multifactor Authentication section you can set up an extra security step, by making use of an authentication app when logging in. This isn’t mandatory, but we still recommend to activate this. Click on the button ‘Add’ to activate your authentication app. Follow the steps in the screen to activate multifactor authentication.

On the next login, the portal will ask an extra authentication code after entering your username and password. This authentication code can be requested in the Microsoft Authenticator app or the Google Authenticator app.

In the same section you can reset or disable the multifactor authentication.