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1.5 Users

The tab ‘Users’ lists all users who can use the Power BI Connectors.

Here you only need to add the users who use the Power BI Connector to create reports and dashboards in Power BI Desktop. The users who view the reports and dashboards do not have to be added here, you can share it with them in the Power BI Service.

Only administrators can add or change users.


Click on the button ‘+ User’ to add a new user. Enter the name and emailaddress of the user. By checking the box ‘Admin’ you can make this user an administrator. Below you can check the companies this users can import the data from. By clicking on the button Save, the user is created and will receive an activationmail on the provided emailaddress.

The userinformation can be changed later on by clicking on the row of this user. Here a user can also be deleted.

Moreover, the access rights of Exact Online itself also apply. When a user doesn’t have access rights in Exact Online, this user will also not be able to import data with the Power BI Connector. The import will give a ‘no access’ error.