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1.3 Connectors

In the tab ‘Connectors’ are the available connectors to connect with.


Click on the button ‘Connect’ to connect to Exact Online. The login screen from Exact Online is shown, log in here with the user account with which you want to retrieve the data from Exact Online. Pay close attention to whether you give access to 1 administration or all administrations (at the top of this screen).

After the login you will return back to the portal, the status of Exact Online switches to connected.

Note: if you are already logged in to Exact Online in another browser tab, that logged in user account will automatically be linked. If you do not want that, it is best to log out of Exact Online first or close the browser completely.

Multiple Exact Online accounts

If you want to connect different Exact Online accounts / users with the Power BI Connector, you can create additional users for this in the Power BI Connector portal. You can then connect each of the users with a different Exact Online account.

From the Power BI perspective, the route is as follows:
Connector Key entered in Power BI > belongs to a user in the Power BI Connector > is connected to an Exact Online account > has access to the companies in that Exact Online account.

Make sure that you do not connect different users of the Power BI Connector with the same Exact Online account. In that case, these users will invalidate each other’s connection every 10 minutes and the connection will be disconnected. You can use the same connector key in Power BI with multiple people.