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3.3 Usage in Dataset

In the dataset of a Power BI report, you have to choose the gateway and the data source to use to refresh the data.

  • Go to the dataset (semantic model), click on the button […] and choose Settings.
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  • Expand the option ‘Gateway connection’.
  • Click on the button next to the gateway and select in the dropdown ’Maps to’ your created datasource.
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  • Click on Apply.
  • Check if the option ‘Data source credentials’ has a text ‘(admin has granted access, credentials are not required)’ shown. The connection is then configured correctly.

Check if the connection is working fine, by manually refreshing the dataset. If the refresh is succeeded you can also set up the scheduled refresh.

When using scheduled refresh, keep in mind that the Exact Online API is under maintenance between 3.30 and 4.30AM CET, at which time the data cannot be renewed.