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3.2 Add Data Source

When the Data Gateway is installed correctly, Exact Online can be added as data source. Click in the upper right Settings menu and choose the option ‘Manage connections and gateways’.


Configure Gateway

First, it must be set once that the gateway may use ‘custom data connectors’.

Go to the tab ‘On-premises data gateways’, select the Data Gateway, click the […] button and select the Settings option.


Check the boxes ‘Allow user’s cloud data sources to refresh through this gateway cluster’ and ‘Allow user’s custom data connectors to refresh through this gateway cluster’. Confirm this with the button Apply.


Add data sources

Now we can add the data sources. Switch the Tenant Administration option to Off.

Go to the tab Connections and click on the button ‘+ New’ to add the connection with Exact Online.

  • Clustername: select the gateway
  • Data Source Name: enter a unique name for the data source (for example: Exact Online 10000).
  • Connectiontype: select the ‘Connector for Exact Online (by PowerBIConnector.nl)’. (If this option isn’t available, run the ‘On-premise data gateway’ on the computer where it is installed and check in the menu Connectors if the ‘ConnectorExactOnline’ is shown. If not, you need to install the connector in the folder shown in this menu. Read chapter Setup Connector).
  • CompanyCode: the companycode (or combinations of multiple companycodes) that is used in the Power BI report.
  • How many years do you want to import: leave this field empty
  • Verification method: select the option Key
  • Accountcode: enter here the Connector Key you copied earlier from PowerBIConnector.nl (read chapter Account).

For each companycode (or combinations of multiple companycodes) there must be added an extra datasource to the gateway.