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2.4 Points of attention Exact Online

Below we describe some specific attention points for the connector for Exact Online.

LedgerAmounts and LedgerTransactions

The difference between the LedgerAmounts and LedgerTransactions is that the LedgerTransactions table contains all individual transaction lines and the LedgerAmounts table contains the balances per general ledger account, per period, per cost center and per cost unit. In a large administration with many transactions, the LedgerAmounts table can become very large and slow. Therefore, only use this table for a large administration if necessary.

In any case, it is unnecessary to read both of these tables. From the LedgerTransactions table you can easily calculate the amounts per general ledger account, period, cost center and cost unit with DAX.

Users and employees

In Exact Online there is a difference between Users and Employees. Users are the users who have a useraccount to log in into Exact Online, where employees don’t have a useraccount. In Exact Online Quotations and SalesOrders are linked to a user, but booked hours are linked to an employee. In the connector both tables, Users and Employees, are available.

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