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Version 2.50

Changes in version 2.50

  • Table Calendar added
  • Table LedgerAmounts: field Date added
  • Table BudgetAmounts: field Date added
  • Tables and fields added for the import of projects and hours:
    • Tables: ProjectActivities, ProjectPlanning, ProjectCosts, ProjectHours, CostTypes, HourTypes
    • Fields: table Projecten (fields BudgetHours, BudgetCosts, BudgetRevenue, PriceAgreement) and SalesInvoices (field ProjectActivityID)
  • Tables and fields added for the import of HRM data:
    • Tables: ScheduleHours, LeaveHours, AbsenceHours
    • Fields: table Employees (fields BirthDate, StartDate, EndDate)
  • Table Items: field CostPrice added